Who We Are

Local Food Works is a coalition of North Central Massachusetts based non-profit organizations, food producers, food purchasers and consumers. Working together, we envision a North Central MA food system where all people, communities and the Earth thrive.

Our Core Values
We believe in…

  1. The potential of our local food system and the people who live here.
  2. Economic Fairness and Viability: Building a more equitable and fair community for all.
  3. Environmental Stewardship
  4. Holistic Health: Physical, mental, and economic
  5. Local Farmers, Local Makers and Small Businesses: Empower & support them
  6. A Resilient Local Food System: Our local food supply chain is equitable, adaptable and nimble in the face of external factors.
  7. Local First: Buying local is a way of life in NCMA.
  8. Trusting and Transparent Relationships: Inclusive and transparent communication and decision-making. Ensuring equitable voice.
  9. The practice of continuous learning.
  10. FUN!